“Huh, did you say something to me?”  Ambient sounds can interfere with good, clear hearing for everyone, especially in a noisy environment.

            Do I hear turkeys scratching on the forest floor as they feed on their way to wherever turkeys go?

            Do I hear deer cautiously moving towards my stand?  From which direction are they coming?

            Or, do I hear squirrels and other small creatures rustling in the leaves or birds being active in the tree branches?

            If you want to “hear the difference,” check out the Stealth Elite unit by Pro Ears. (Customerservice@altusbrands.com).

            The Stealth Elite is a unique pair of electronic hearing protectors with Bluetooth capability.

            It enables you to hear faint sounds with 5X amplification while protecting your ears from loud noises.  It has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 28.  I consider this protection from ear damage due to loud sounds while hunting, shooting, attending concerts, working construction or performing weekend warrior chores around the home to be an extremely valuable feature of the Stealth Elite.

            The unit comes with a removable lanyard that is not obtrusive when one is active.  It seems as though it isn’t even there.

            The unit has an Isolation Mode for complete peace and quiet when you want to focus intensely or catch forty winks.

            I consider the Stealth Elite to be a very capable unit at a very attractive and reasonable price. 

“Huh? You heard me!”


In November, 2019, we received 24″ of snow. I was having lunch by my truck when an acquaintance drove up and commented about hunting in the deep snow. I told him I was not hunting down low or very far off the road since it would be a huge challenge for me to drag out a deer in the deep snow.

I said to him, “Fifty, fifty.”

He replied, “What do you mean fifty-fifty?”

I answered, “If I were fifty pounds lighter and fifty years younger, I would be chasing deer all over the property.” We had a good laugh and wished each other good luck.

Unicorn Deer Season 2019

Have you ever seen a unicorn?

The unicorn started as a fierce creature found in the furthest corners of the known world. It had the head of a stag, the feet of an elephant and the tail of boar. So how did one end up with me on the last Sunday of deer season?

For the first time in my life, I was glad when deer season ended.  Heavy rain, bitter cold and deep snow made it a very challenging season.  Throw in a few appointments and it seemed like I was going uphill every step.  I did have ten minutes of one nice experience that involved a “unicorn,”

On the last Sunday, I watched, from my parked truck, 8 deer feeding in a cut field across from where I hunt.  They were moving away from the road where I parked.
> I went into the mature Scotch pines area where we hunt.  I was 30 yards from the road and I sat on a log to look towards me with the wind in my favor and the rising sun at my back. 
> I almost reached for my cell phone to video the deer, but it was only 30 yards away and intent on walking directly to me.
> There was the top of a pine tree between us so the deer had to make a small turn to get around the tree top.  That is when I saw an antler.  As the deer slowly came around the tree top, I saw there was one 3″ antler on its head.
> Its head was not high, nor was it on the ground.  We were eyeballs to eyeballs and it was still only 15 yards away moseying directly towards me.  It paid me no heed and I was wondering if it was going to walk right into me.  I was thinking I’d have to poke it with the rifle to keep it from stepping on me.
> At 5-6 yards away, it moved a bit to its left and continued forward, eventually walking right by the end of the log on which I was seated.  I could have reached out and touched it with the gun.
> Once behind me, it never spooked from my scent nor did it react to my two vocalizations on the grunt call.  It just continued to meander down the hill.
> I figured the end of the log was 3 feet from where I sat.  I have never been that close to a live deer in all my times in the woods.

Ten minutes later, I was reflecting on what occurred and I wondered if old age had me in its grip and I was imagining what had just transpired.
> And, that was the highlight of the 2019 deer season, which will forever be known as the Season of the Unicorn.